At Segue, we find the task of recreating your home to be very rewarding. With Segue in charge, you can relax, knowing the whole process of moving is in good hands.

By dividing your move into simple steps, we take the anxiety out of your move. We can provide you complete services or customize our services to match your particular needs. We love to hear our clients arrive at their new residence and say, “Oh, it looks just like home!”

1 Free Consultation

Each move is different. As a first step toward your move, Segue offers you an initial consultation at no cost or obligation. We outline the steps involved in your move, help you understand what Segue can do for you, and answer your questions and concerns. We then provide you with a personal fee proposal for services tailored to your specific needs. We realize that meeting the people who will handle your move is an important step toward feeling confident with this next big step in your life.

2 Planning Your Move

Let Segue make this time-consuming and energy draining process easier. We can help you identify what you want to take with you, items to send to family or friends, and options for donation or sale of your belongings.

Floor Plan 
Segue will measure your new home and the furniture you plan to take with you. Using our floor plan design system, we help you decide how your furniture will best fit in your new home. On moving day, the final plan becomes an important tool in streamlining the move-in process.

Coordination and Management
There are many people and many scheduling details involved in any move. To make certain that your move is seamless and efficient, we take care of these details for you.

We make all the necessary arrangements and ensure that everyone involved - from your realtor or your new residence manager to the professional movers - is kept informed of your schedule.

3 Your Moving Day

Packing Your Belongings 
Our goal is to create a home that is ready for you to live in - so you can move on with your life. Segue carefully packs your household, room-by-room, preparing everything for the professional movers. We take care to note how things are arranged and organized and then we recreate the very same order, minimizing the sense of disruption to your life. Our staff is trained to pack with attention to detail, because we know that's important to you.

Unpacking and Setting Up Your New Home 
We supervise the movers who load your belongings for transport and then supervise the unloading and placement of your furniture and boxes - ensuring everything is placed according to your floor plan.

We then unpack your belongings, set up electronics such as your computer, TV and stereo systems, make the beds, and arrange things in your kitchen and bathrooms. You will find your bedside tables, china displays, picture groupings, and even the order of books on the bookcase the same as you left them!

We hang your pictures, hook up phones, and set your clocks. And when we are finished, we remove all the packing material, leaving your home in order and ready for you to enjoy.

4 Services for Retirement Communities

We understand that concern and worry about moving sometimes keep a potential resident from making a move. The task of sorting through belongings and scaling down one's life is understandably overwhelming.

Segue's services and support can make a significant difference in the experience of both seniors and their family members. Our experience allows us to relieve their stress by assuring our clients it can be done, and outlining the steps involved in their move so that they can move forward.

We are there through every step and decision and when the move is completed, the new resident arrives ready to participate in the new community, knowing that their new home is comfortable, safe, and livable.

Segue can also help retirement communities with in-house transfers, packing for storage, and managing disposal of unwanted items.


Segue has developed a number of presentations full of useful information to help prospective residents prepare for the next big step in their lives. Topics include how to tackle the dreaded sorting, planning for a move, and the importance of staying calm and healthy during the process. Our presentations can be tailored to your needs, be it a brief presentation on helpful tips or a comprehensive in-depth talk.